Posted on by Hardik Trivedi

In USA, online alcohol sales are only showing a good sign. And why not? With relaxation of rules around selling liquor online, it has become easier for customers to buy directly from online stores. In fact, research giant
Nielsen reported that the US has seen the largest growth of alcohol sales since the pandemic shutdowns started in March. People have realised that buying alcohol online is similar to ordering anything else online. It's simple. Just tap, shop and get your drinks delivered right at your doorstep.

Concerns of online liquor shoppers

Initially consumers were wary about buying alcohol online. And liquor shopping can be a little trickier because of the legalities associated with it. Liquor drinkers are faced with dilemmas like - Can we buy wine online? Is it safe to order beer from an online store? Let's understand some of the grey areas which should be considered when you are buying alcohol online.  

  • Age restrictions

    As per the US law, when it comes to buying alcohol, you have to be 21 years old or older to purchase alcohol. Also it is necessary that at the time of delivery of your drinks, the recipient has to be at least 21 years old and show his ID card as proof of age.

  • State laws

    There are some states in America where purchasing alcohol online and its delivery is restricted. So it is always advisable to check your specific state's law before shopping for booze. Moreover, the regulations can differ for wine, beer and spirits. If you are in doubt, consult your state and local laws on alcohol shipment and delivery. Or you can even check the company's website and find out the regions where they deliver the booze.

  • Physical vs Online shopping

    Shopping liquor from online websites is quite different as compared to going to a shop and buying it. Some consumers prefer to pop in the shop to buy their favourite drinks. Since online liquor sales are on the rise, the trend shows that more and more people are now buying their favourite craft beer or a nice wine bottle online.

Benefits of online liquor delivery

  • Convenience - Online delivery services make it less stressful and more fun to buy the alcohol you want from the comfort of your home or office. Easy to search and navigate different spirits and a detailed description of each item makes it appealing to alcohol lovers.
  • Hassle free party orders - You won't have to worry about how to tug along five bottles of  wine home or make a rushed dash to the store 15 minutes before your party is set to start. Just order your liquor stock for refill while the party is still on. Many online stores assure customers of a quick delivery in an hour.
  • Discover new varieties - Companies that sell alcohol online also help you explore different varieties of alcohol. Stock up on your favourite beers, while discovering new brands. You may even find those rare wines which you might not get from your local shop.
  • Customer Support - Online stores have full time friendly customer support team that gives customers personal recommendations. They even give advice either on the phone or digitally via social media or email.

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